Hand-made, limited edition museum-quality swords

Designed by noted Swedish swordsmith, author and researcher Peter Johnsson, these limited edition collectable swords are all painstakingly handmade to exacting design specifications, based on countless hours spent in the detailed study and documentation of original swords.  Read more

NEW The Maestro Line Marozzo

NEW The Maestro Line Marozzo
A Practice Cut & Thrust Sword from the time of Achille Marozzo

Albion Europe Closing in 2015

  • All outstanding orders will be delivered before we close
  • Last day for ordering swords not in stock is January 31st
  • Swords in stock will continue to be available for sale until September 2015
  • If you wish to order an Albion sword (not in stock at Albion Europe) after January 31st please contact Albion US (www.albion-swords.com)

NEW The NG Principe

NEW The NG Principe
A powerful sword in 15th Century Italian style