The Norman

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The Norman

Limited Edition Medieval Sword

Oakeshott Type: Xa
Time period:

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The Norman (black grip, sharp)
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EUR 845 

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Standard specification
Total length:98 cm (38,58")
Blade length:84 cm (33,07")
CoG:16 cm (6,1")
CoP:55 cm (21,65")
Weight:1150 g (2,535 lbs)
Grip length:10 cm (3,937")

The Norman

A well defined and long fuller is one of the criteria for a sword of type Xa.

They are cousins of their Viking age predecessors but are generally of greater length. The outline may vary: some are almost parallel in width from base to point, while other have subtle tapering curves in the point section.

Most of these swords are found in the high medieval period and we have chosen to recreate two swords that could be contemporary to the Battle of Hastings or be in use a century later.

These weapons are simple in outline but have a strong character nonetheless. This is difficult to appreciate from pictures alone.

When handling original swords of this type one is impressed by a surprisingly good balance, despite them having long blades and short hilts. It is obvious they were meant to be used together with a shield and often from horseback. Their reach is long and they deliver powerful blows with little effort.

The blade of the Norman is a shorter version of the blade of our Gaddhjalt sword. This blade tapers straight to a point section that is about a third of the length. The subtle curving in the point on this long and handsome blade results in a graceful overall appearance.

An Oakeshott style 1 cross with a gentle arc and a pommel of type G makes this sword a good example of the swords used by Norman warriors and their contemporaries -- not ostentatious, yet brutally efficient like the warriors who bore them.

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword

This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 500 collectible swords worldwide.

Sword design/specifications ©2003/2007 Peter Johnsson.

Customer testimonials

NG Norman

The sword was delivered right now (Friday, 4 pm) and I am very pleased with it. It is so much faster than from the USA and the priceitself is rather lower ! This is my fourth Albion after the Vinland, Huskarl and Gaddhjalt.And , as maybe you remember, I have the Valkyrja on pre-order. Thank you for the gifts, I know how useful oil and scotch-brite are at servicing blades. Making business with you is great. Long life to Albion Europe and congratulations again for launching it.

Jean, France